Sawyer Austin

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sweet # 3

It was the start of summer 2007 and Mike was on his way home for R&R!!! Xavier and I were so excited to see him, it's was a long winter without him:( Anywho, so we had such a blast together! The 2 weeks he was home were the best two weeks I've had in a long time. No really! You try and be without your husband for a year and lets see how you like it. 

On a very sad Saturday I had to say my tearful goodbye and watch him leave and not see him again until December:( Well I had this feeling something wasn't right so I took a pregnancy test. My mom came down with a OMG look on her face and said "Mike did it again"!!! Not thinking we were gonna have anymore babies after Sawyer this was a big shock. So when Mike called me to let me know he made it back to Iraq safe and sound.....I told him not to make plans for Feb. His words: why??? who's getting married?? Only my husband would say that. So ready or not Sekota was on his way. BTW- we always get so many good comments about the name Sekota, and I wanted to let everyone know that he was named after one of Mike's guys who was killed in Iraq. That was his last name. It was so very important to both of us that we name him Sekota. Back to my story. I had a great pregnacy with Sekota. Nothing exciting was going on which in my world was great. And of course he was 5 weeks early and yes Mike missed the birth! My mom had to play the dad role!

I thank God everyday for blessing us with Sekota! He was such a wonderful surprise:)

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