Sawyer Austin

Friday, October 21, 2011

SuperHero?? No No Army Wife!!

Long days, lonely nights, dinner alone, school functions, raising children and keeping the house from burning down are just some of many things I do being an Army wife. I know I know you say "well my husband works all day long and I have the kids, the house and all the other stuff to do. As this may be true at least your husband does come home, unlike ours that spend days, weeks, months and years away.

I by no means am trying to make anyone reading this upset, I just get so tired of seeing people on FB saying how much they miss their husband, and it's only been like a day or so. WOW!!!!! Wish we had those problems. Before you make your remarks like "you knew before getting married that this is what it would be like". That right there is why I always keep issues like this to myself. There is Ft. Lewis FB for the wives and they will rip you a new one if you say you miss your husband and I'm tired of doing this alone. HELLO!! Can't a girl just vent without getting her butt chewed out???

Sorry, that was my vent of the day. Felt good to say.

On a happy note went shopping today and saved a ton :) I do love me some coupons!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Army Friends= Family

When I got married to Michael and went to our first duty station I would always hear other Army families saying how much they truly loved one another and never really thought too much of it. Until now!! Michael has been gone now for close to two weeks and well it gets pretty lonely and boring. Back in April I was introduced to a very sweet yet shy Army wife. It may have taken us awhile to really open up to one another but now I spend more time with her than anyone else!! We spend our days shopping, coupon clipping and having lunch together. I have come to really care for her and her beautiful family. So back to what I use to hear about how military families become family to one another, I can say how true this is. My family back in PA are very much a part of our life even being as far as they are but no relationship is like the one of a Military family. You share so much of the same well everything! It's hard for some of my family to understand that. I guess I'm just having a moment!!!

I want to say Thank you to all the Army wives that have been so kind to not only me but my family :)

Monday, October 3, 2011

3AM and NO Power!!!!

There I was sound asleep (that Never happens) just before 3am and the alarms go off and the smoke detectors just keep beeping so loud! Scared the crap out of me. I look over to hopefully get some comfort from my husband only to find out he is still out cold. Nice huh! Good thing it was just the power going out and nothing major. I had to use my cell phone light to make my way down the dark hallway to the kids room. At this point I'm scared. There I said it, I'm scared of the dark!! To my surprise both the kids are still fast asleep too. Long story short the power was off until early evening. Xavier had a two hour late start which threw my day off. Can I just say how much I hate late starts. I will say I was now forced to clean my entire house, only taking me a good two hours. So Sekota and I sat in bed staring at the ceiling trying to make it through the day or until the power came back on! After our trip to the golden arches we came back to POWER!!! How do people live without it???? I'm sure they have very clean and tidy houses for sure. I'm thankful that it did come back on but I have to say I had a great time without it playing and hanging out with the little bug :) I sometimes joke to Michael about living back in the days with no power, but he would never make it. By the first 20 minutes he'd be already trying to eat his face!! He kills me.

Happy Monday :)