Sawyer Austin

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Travel Light??

How the heck do you travel light with kids??? Just not possible. I have 2 bags packed full (mostly kid crap, cause let's face it I wear the same things), and not done. My goal is to only have 2 bags so we shall see. We are leaving for the airport early Sunday am like 3 I'm talking. Which means no sleep for me. Weird! I have bubble guts just thinking about flying! It ain't for me kids. My husband just sits there and laughs at me all while I'm having a panic attack before we even take off. He does love me!

Next we have the good 'ol Army potty mouth! I get so freakin nervous when Michael gets around family cause it slips way too much. He was talking to me the other day about food and I lost count how many times the f bomb got thrown out. Keeping my fingers crossed he somewhat thinks before he talks.

I hate wearing a swim suite! I would rather have a my teeth drilled 100 times before getting in a suite. BUT I have mine packed along with tons of cover ups. No worries, I packed Michael's speedo! I for sure will take pictures! It's gonna be our Christmas card this year so watch out.

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun

My favorite part of summer is staying outside with the kids all day long and ending the night with a camp fire and of course s'mores! It was the first time the kids has them and let's just say they were a hit. Just wanted to share some of our camp fire pictures with all of you :)

He went through like 100 marsh mellows!                                                                        
Total mess, BUT so worth it :)                                          

                                        The "Boss" tending to the fire. 

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful, awesome, funny and brave dad! You have taught me tons throughout life and you are truly the best! To Michael B, what can I are everything to the kids and me. The boys absolutely adore you and look up to you. Thanks for being such a great daddy to our boys! All 3 of them :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Stress on Vacation

We are packing up and heading back to the wonderful state of PA in 3 weeks for 2 weeks! I'm so excited but feeling a little stressed. I feel like our arms are getting pulled in different directions (well just one really) to go here and do this and come see me. So I just wanted to say this is our vacation and I'm not letting anyone tell me what to do and when to do it. Words from my SIL made me look at things different. So thanks big Dan :) Any who I'm sure when we're home certain people will have their butt hurt but I'm willing to take one for the team. So here's to a wonderful vacation :)

On another note Xavier's school is over and I'm wanting so bad for the summer break to go as slow as possible. I'm not ready for him to be in all day kindergarten :(  I wanna cry thinking about it. Home school is sounded better and better!

My sister in law (Dani) is STILL with child. I'm pretty sure if she doesn't have the baby soon by the time I get home there will still be afterbirth on it. YUCKY So excited to finally know if it's a boy or girl!! Jax or Presley????

Hope all of you are enjoying the start to your summer :)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Daddy Award

My kids have the best daddy! Let me just explain what he did for them.

We bought and picked up a decent size swing set for them on Sunday. Didn't get home with it untill 3, so we knew it was gonna be a long day. Befofe ho got started he made a promise to the kids that when they got up on Monday that it would be put together. With that being said he sure enough didn't break his promise! I got the kids ready for bed and tried to get him to come in for a break. No luck. Around 3am I heard some drilling so I looked out the window and there was my husband with only a little light from the deck and a light that went around his head putting the swing together still. Finally getting it finished at 4 just in time for him to leave for work! Crazy??? No just loves his boys and did not want to break his promise. So I can say that he really is the best!!

He went to work and they guys must have asked why you so tired? He told them the story, and they of course thought he was crazy. All he said was no I'm not a dead beat dad like you all!!! HAHA......he was joking.

Any who this Father's Day will be extra special for Xavier and Sekota's daddy :)

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Coma...for real!

I'm sorry about my crappy blog lately. But for those who don't know we live in WA, the the state that knows NO sun only rain. I swear I've been in a rain coma for the past few lie! I have to say it's been rough. Pretty sad when my kids are tired of painting (my kids LOVE to paint), playing in rice and I can only make so many macaroni necklaces! I call home and everyone is dancing in the sun and wearing summer clothes. Heck we still have the heat on! It's crazy. So with that being said I'm really going to start trying to do a better job with my blog. We'll see?!!

Start the countdown: July 3rd we're going home to PA for a visit! Holla! This lady can not wait. And best of all there will be a little baby waiting for "aunt mole" to hold :) So excited, already started to pack!

Happy Thursday :)