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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Being Happy is the KEY

As you all know by now my 6yr old Xavier has Autism and he has 12 hours a week of intense ABA. I get phone calls a lot from the director of the program asking me a lot of questions about what I think is too much for Xavier. I've always said and will continue to say I will never be that parent who overwhelms her child with programs after programs not letting up. That's not my goal for Xavier. Sure I want him to learn and grow as much as possible through school and his ABA at home, but I feel sorry for all these children with special needs whose parents never seem to just let them be kids. It's so important for these kids to just be kids and be happy. Why push them so hard?? It really makes me sad for them. With everything we have going on with Xavier I'm very happy to say he's doing awesome and more importantly he's happy. That my friends is the key H-A-P-P-Y! It was nice to hear the doctor who I chat with on the phone about all this say I was a breath of fresh air! He always hears from parents who say they what more programs and can we please get more hours. I say to them please let them be kids. I understand they want help for their child but at what expense?? This is just my opinion and what we do/works for our son.

As you can see from the picture I have a happy Bucci running around :)

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