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Monday, May 2, 2011

Life as Home Owners

You can call me Nichole the weed pulling Queen! I pulled almost 8 full bags of weeds this weekend. A lot of people will say your nuts but I love doing that kind of stuff. I would so much rather do outside work than inside work any day of the week. Just thankful I didn't come across any snakes!! We have pretty much everything unpacked (thank gosh) and put away. Things are finally starting to look great. I even had a chance to meet a few of the neighbors! It's nice to be outside and as people walk or drive by they throw a little wave your way! At the last house some of the neighbors had big sticks up their butt. This has been a breath of fresh air :)

Oh and what a great weekend we had. I got to go to a party while Michael had both kids for several hours, and Sekota and I had our first play date today. He had a blast. As soon as we got in the car he said "mommy where them kids at"! So all in all I love the new house and excited to meet new friends for Sekota and me :)

Hope you all are doing fantastic! Enjoy your week.

Scout soaking up some sun!!

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