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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Our Trip to PA

We packed up the kiddos and went home to PA for 2 wonderful weeks:) It was probably one of the best trips home! I got to meet my new nephew Jax Cameron (he looks just like me) and spend some great qt with my family. Mike and I even got to go camping alone for awhile before the boys joined us. Funny story while camping: they have a bath house where you potty and shower, on the first night I went up to use the restroom only to see a 60+ yr old lady completely butt naked at the door. It was  a sight to see and I didn't want to look but wow I couldn't help myself. If your wondering yes I saw everything including her "bird"!!!! All I have to say is I'm not getting old. I've made my mind up. So here are my top 5 favorite moments of the trip

1. naked lady at bath house

2. my sister in law and I getting chased down a dirt road by a big ford truck (you don't even wanna know)

3. holding and getting to feed baby Jax

4. comparing our "old lady butts" with my sister in law

5. watching the fireworks as a family

There are a ton more awesome moments but there were my favs!

Saying goodbye :( I hate saying goodbye, but I told myself even before going home that I wasn't gonna cry.......well I didn't until I got to the plane! So sad when your 5 yr old niece is crying and holding her arm out the window saying "don't leave Aunt Mole" about tearing my heart apart. Sekota cried himself asleep to the airport. He has really attached himself to all his cousins. That by far is my least favorite part about the Army but duty calls right Michael?!!

So I take all the memories and pictures from our trip and hold them tight. A year seems like forever until we see everyone again.

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