Sawyer Austin

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Travel Light??

How the heck do you travel light with kids??? Just not possible. I have 2 bags packed full (mostly kid crap, cause let's face it I wear the same things), and not done. My goal is to only have 2 bags so we shall see. We are leaving for the airport early Sunday am like 3 I'm talking. Which means no sleep for me. Weird! I have bubble guts just thinking about flying! It ain't for me kids. My husband just sits there and laughs at me all while I'm having a panic attack before we even take off. He does love me!

Next we have the good 'ol Army potty mouth! I get so freakin nervous when Michael gets around family cause it slips way too much. He was talking to me the other day about food and I lost count how many times the f bomb got thrown out. Keeping my fingers crossed he somewhat thinks before he talks.

I hate wearing a swim suite! I would rather have a my teeth drilled 100 times before getting in a suite. BUT I have mine packed along with tons of cover ups. No worries, I packed Michael's speedo! I for sure will take pictures! It's gonna be our Christmas card this year so watch out.

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  1. You're so funny Cole. I hope you have a wonderful trip home.