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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Long Days and Lonely Nights

Let the training begin. Today/tonight is just one of many that will be spent alone with just the kids and I. Mike hasn't left yet (not until October for YTC) but he has crazy dumb hours leading up to their training schedule. I try not to ever complain around other wives because we all know how much it sucks, the training and of course the dreadful D word. Deployment......yuck.

 Anyway back to my day, it was overall a good day. Went to Starbucks with a girlfriend then did our walk.  Came home after picking Xavier up from school to realize YAY we had 2 hrs of ABA I forgot about. That makes for such a long evening. Made a good dinner that no one else ate but me alone. Story of my life! I keep telling Mike that if we got paid over time, we would be RICH!!! But instead we are rich with love. I often daydream of Mike having a 9-5 and getting to eat dinner every night as a family. I don't feel like I'm asking much cause gosh knows I never get it anyway. It's the small things that I miss so much from my childhood that I really wish we could do as a family. Duty calls. Any who just needed to vent I guess if that's what you wanna call it???

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  1. If you it makes you feel any better, I make dinners all the time that no one but me eats-lol The four boys look at me like I've lost my mind & go make a PB&J. I look forward to sneaking off for another dinner & movie soon- that was so nice.