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Friday, October 21, 2011

SuperHero?? No No Army Wife!!

Long days, lonely nights, dinner alone, school functions, raising children and keeping the house from burning down are just some of many things I do being an Army wife. I know I know you say "well my husband works all day long and I have the kids, the house and all the other stuff to do. As this may be true at least your husband does come home, unlike ours that spend days, weeks, months and years away.

I by no means am trying to make anyone reading this upset, I just get so tired of seeing people on FB saying how much they miss their husband, and it's only been like a day or so. WOW!!!!! Wish we had those problems. Before you make your remarks like "you knew before getting married that this is what it would be like". That right there is why I always keep issues like this to myself. There is Ft. Lewis FB for the wives and they will rip you a new one if you say you miss your husband and I'm tired of doing this alone. HELLO!! Can't a girl just vent without getting her butt chewed out???

Sorry, that was my vent of the day. Felt good to say.

On a happy note went shopping today and saved a ton :) I do love me some coupons!!

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  1. I miss my soldier too- we can be lonely & cranky together if you want! I too get frustrated when people complain about their husbands working late or gone for a week here or there. I usually just try to ignore their posts or even hide them if they do it repeatedly. Hugs- hopefully he is home soon.