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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Army Friends= Family

When I got married to Michael and went to our first duty station I would always hear other Army families saying how much they truly loved one another and never really thought too much of it. Until now!! Michael has been gone now for close to two weeks and well it gets pretty lonely and boring. Back in April I was introduced to a very sweet yet shy Army wife. It may have taken us awhile to really open up to one another but now I spend more time with her than anyone else!! We spend our days shopping, coupon clipping and having lunch together. I have come to really care for her and her beautiful family. So back to what I use to hear about how military families become family to one another, I can say how true this is. My family back in PA are very much a part of our life even being as far as they are but no relationship is like the one of a Military family. You share so much of the same well everything! It's hard for some of my family to understand that. I guess I'm just having a moment!!!

I want to say Thank you to all the Army wives that have been so kind to not only me but my family :)

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  1. It is true they aren't just friends they are family. They understand when you cry at a song driving down the road & don't ask why? They cry with you & they they make you laugh! I love all my Army Wife friends & don't now what I'd do without them.