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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rain Coma...for real!

I'm sorry about my crappy blog lately. But for those who don't know we live in WA, the the state that knows NO sun only rain. I swear I've been in a rain coma for the past few lie! I have to say it's been rough. Pretty sad when my kids are tired of painting (my kids LOVE to paint), playing in rice and I can only make so many macaroni necklaces! I call home and everyone is dancing in the sun and wearing summer clothes. Heck we still have the heat on! It's crazy. So with that being said I'm really going to start trying to do a better job with my blog. We'll see?!!

Start the countdown: July 3rd we're going home to PA for a visit! Holla! This lady can not wait. And best of all there will be a little baby waiting for "aunt mole" to hold :) So excited, already started to pack!

Happy Thursday :)

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