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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Best Daddy Award

My kids have the best daddy! Let me just explain what he did for them.

We bought and picked up a decent size swing set for them on Sunday. Didn't get home with it untill 3, so we knew it was gonna be a long day. Befofe ho got started he made a promise to the kids that when they got up on Monday that it would be put together. With that being said he sure enough didn't break his promise! I got the kids ready for bed and tried to get him to come in for a break. No luck. Around 3am I heard some drilling so I looked out the window and there was my husband with only a little light from the deck and a light that went around his head putting the swing together still. Finally getting it finished at 4 just in time for him to leave for work! Crazy??? No just loves his boys and did not want to break his promise. So I can say that he really is the best!!

He went to work and they guys must have asked why you so tired? He told them the story, and they of course thought he was crazy. All he said was no I'm not a dead beat dad like you all!!! HAHA......he was joking.

Any who this Father's Day will be extra special for Xavier and Sekota's daddy :)

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