Sawyer Austin

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Summer Fun

My favorite part of summer is staying outside with the kids all day long and ending the night with a camp fire and of course s'mores! It was the first time the kids has them and let's just say they were a hit. Just wanted to share some of our camp fire pictures with all of you :)

He went through like 100 marsh mellows!                                                                        
Total mess, BUT so worth it :)                                          

                                        The "Boss" tending to the fire. 

Happy Father's Day to my wonderful, awesome, funny and brave dad! You have taught me tons throughout life and you are truly the best! To Michael B, what can I are everything to the kids and me. The boys absolutely adore you and look up to you. Thanks for being such a great daddy to our boys! All 3 of them :)

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