Sawyer Austin

Friday, August 5, 2011

Coupon Tip

I've been really doing alot of searching the web and finding the right coupon inserts to really to start saving money. Today I discovered my new favorite way of getting great coupons and just wanted to share.


So far today I got 5 different coupon orders and the best thing is I paid next to nothing with FREE shipping!!! I'm a very happy lady. In my hallway closet I already have half of one shelve full of things I purchased with coupons!!! Oh and another great way to get those great coupons you love is to just write a simply letter to whatever product you have to have. Like for instance I love dove products so I just write a very short letter telling them how much I enjoy the product and just like that coupons in the mail :) Easy enough. Let the saving begin ladies!!!

Happy Coupon Hunting

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