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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Funny Story of us :)

I've been having trouble thinking of things to blog about so I decided to blog once a week about a funny story in our marriage!

First Date:

So Michael asked me out to the movies on our first date to watch Troy. I was so beyond excited and nervous and immediately went out to buy a new outfit. He called me before leaving his house for directions and I gave him pretty good directions to my house. It was almost time so I was looking out the window for him and as I was doing this he drove pass the house! About 5 seconds later he called and it went a little something like this: Michael: "hey MICHELLE I can't seem to find your house, what's the address again?" Me: ummmm.......awkward turkey....who the hell is MICHELLE???? my name is Nichole!!! he was silent pretty much the whole trip to the movies!!! I should have seen red flags going off but to this day I remember coming home and telling my mom that this IS the guy I'm going to marry!! Sure enough two weeks later he asked me to marry him!! No worries he didn't call me MICHELLE anymore but I love to tease him about it. Only Michael would do that. Other than the fact of being called the wrong name it was a perfect first date.

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