Sawyer Austin

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flying Booger

Here comes funny story #2 about my wonderful husband and yours truly!

It was winter 05 and we were staying at the Ronald McDonald house due to Xavier being in the hospital. It was Feb and Mike had to return back to his unit in Ft. Campbell KY. He was gone for a full week and it was really tough on me to be left alone so when he finally returned a week later we flew into each others arms. Here's where the story gets GROSS.

As our lips touched all of a sudden a big huge booger flew from his nose into my mouth!! You like that don't cha?!!! If you ever want to know what a booger tastes like, it's very salty...ha ha ha! He of course was laughing so hard people were looking all while I was trying my best not to puke. So there you have it folks just another day in the life of the Bucci clan. Oh it gets better stay tuned for more great, have a laugh and pee your pants stories from our marriage!!

1 comment:

  1. OH. MY.GOD.
    I probably would have just started crying ahahahahahahahah!

    Jeff likes to leave "gifts" for me EVERYWHERE. I found a booger on our curtains when I was washing them 6 months after he had deployed. WTF? HAHAHHAAH