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Monday, August 29, 2011

Holy Cow!

When the hubby got home I took my happy tail back to my wonderful bed and passed out :) It was the best two hours of sleep. I got up took the dogs to pee checked the kids and back to my room I went. To my surprise MY hubby not only did the dishes BUT also ran the dishwasher!!! He's spoiling me kids!!!! I asked him if he was OK?? his response yeah I'm just having a good day! Holla! Mind you we've lived in this house for a few months and I'm pretty sure that was only his second time in front of the sink.

On Saturday night I was even able to meet a friend to have dinner and watch The Help! Which by the way is a great movie. I highly recommend it. Man it just doesn't get any better than this kids.

I have been pretty lazy lately with my funny blog stories of my marriage so what the hay here's another from the Bucci volt.

It was Christmas '04 and I was pregnant with Xavier. Michael and I traveled to PA for the Holidays. On our last day we went with his family to his sisters house. OK so we were only married for 3 months at this time so we were still at the point where he couldn't keep his hands off me! We were in his sister's spare bedroom making out like a bunch of teenagers when at some point he said something so funny I did a #1 all over myself and the floor. Talk about being embarrassed!!! Although Michael was very entertained by this I was beside myself that I just peed all over her floor! I made him promise me like 100x please do not ever tell your sister what I did! Not as funny as others but still a good one in my books!

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