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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Start the Countdown

How in the world is it possible that school will be starting in a month??? Xavier will be going to kindergarten this year (all day) and I'm pretty nervous, scared, dreading the drop offs and I'm just being a big baby about it! I know that's he's going to LOVE it but me not so much. it seems like such a long day, 9-3:35. Man when I went to kindergarten it was only in the am??? I think for at least the first week his world may be rocked a little but I'm sure he'll adjust well (better than me).

School shopping:

Holy cow, I went to wal-mart to pick up his list of school supplies that he needs!! It's like 500 things he needs. It has nothing to do with money but it's just crazy at the things they need that the school can't afford to supply. What happens to some of the families who really can't afford those lists in their budget??? Lets face it between new shoes, clothes and book bags that stuff adds up fast!

So be on the lookout on September 7th for a big cry baby blog cause this mommy is for sure gonna have red eyes before I even drop him off!!! :( sad face x100

My soon-to-be school boy!

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