Sawyer Austin

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Found One

After a lot of looking around and asking people I finally found a primitive/country store! We went to downtown Sumner and there it was. Momma like! We made our way to the store and only after 5 minutes of looking around we had to leave:( One kid had tracks of chicken nuggets while the other kid peed needless to say I must go alone. At least I finally found one. Next time I go i'm pretty sure I'll be spending an entire paycheck. WHAT??? That stuff was too darn cute.

So ever notice how long it takes you to get your kids out of the car and into a store (like 20 minutes for me) and only stay for a few minutes??? Why even bother right?? I have two kids one that can't walk right now and the other that won't stay close, my bag and as I look back Mike has empty hands. What the heck is up with that?? Oh well it gets us out of the house for 5 minutes. Such is my life.

And that's what he thinks about that!

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