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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thoughts For Thursday

I had to go to the dentist twice this week for jaw pain. Long story short I now have to wear a retainer. I feel like a 12 yr old minus the pimples!  On a great note Xavier went to have his casts cut and measured and he gained 10 degrees in just one week! Praise GOD:)

We are in the process of looking/buying a house and can I just say wow it's a long/hard process. I guess one good thing is hubby and I agree on the same ones! it's a start.

It's been a pretty boring week here but that's a good thing. I can do boring!

I did wanna say that I see alot of people wanting to shed some weight and one thing that has helped me in the past is a food journal. I found it very helpful:)

Hope everyone has a great day and awesome weekend =)

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