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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back to it

After I wrote about not doing my 365 project anymore I got a lot of comments/messages that people were disappointed that I stopped. REALLY! I have people that read and like my blog! Holla...So I guess I'm going to start back up. I gotta say it was fun always trying to come up with a picture of some sort.

On another note my sweet Sekota got a little taste of grossness today on the way to drop off Xavier at school. Just minding his own business (we were at a stop light) he saw 2 young guys holding hands and partaking in some pretty serious kissing. Now before you say anything I have nothing against gay people. Personally I don't believe in it but what ever floats your boat. But not happy now that my 3 yr old asked me mommy why they do dat?? (kota words not mine) I don't know, I'm am however happy my husband wasn't there or he would have broke it down to much for Sekota. How do you all feel about that??? What would you do if your baby saw 2 same sex couples making out?? I want to be real clear that this was not just a little kiss, it was border line soft well you know. way too much even for me. I was a little flustered. Something funny always happens to us, not even kidding! To be a fly on our wall.

I do love me some Bucci Boys!

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