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Sunday, April 10, 2011

14 years.......only 6 to go

This past week Michael hit his 14 year mark in the Army! All I can think of is holy cow we have 6 left! This makes me a very happy lady. It's been a crazy almost 7 year run so far being married to the military but I will say it has made (forced really) me an even stronger person having gone through all the crap we did.

So come on 6 years fly by:)

I'm pretty sure one of these days Sekota is gonna squeeze the poo out of poor Scout!

On another note I was on FB late Friday (I couldn't sleep) and was on a conservative page where this very left Liberal (if that's what you wanna call her) told me I was in a cult cause I was in fact a conservative. HA HA don't you just love the crap people say??!! No idea where she pulled that one out (I guess her booty) but I was very nice and didn't respond. So immature!

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