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Monday, April 4, 2011

What The Hay

I have a few things on my mind and just wanted to share.

This week is Spring break for my Tink and although I love having him home wth....When I went to school we Never had Spring break! I guess living in PA we were always making up snow days. I swear Xavier has had so many days off from school this year it's crazy. Seriously, they have off for everything. I guess I'm just jealous.

Another thing, I was watching soap net yesterday and every preview they had for the soap shows was really intense sex scenes! BTW I was watching One Tree Hill. Every time my kids came in the room I felt like I had to cover their eyes. I'm guilty I use to watch Days Of Our Lives but stopped watching a while ago. It's all the same. You could stop watching for a few months and still know what's going on. Junk I tell you all junk! I guess I'm just getting older?

My last thing.......question do any of you have any guilty pleasure TV shows you have to watch???? Well I do, it's Teen Mom. My hubby laughs at me but I gotta say I enjoy it. My favorite couple this go around is Corey and Leah hands down! They are too stinking cute!

Any who that's what's on my mind this wonderful rainy day. Happy Monday!

Even my dog gets spoiled! He gets cold very easy so I put a blanket in the dryer for him to cuddle in:)

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  1. Reese and I have started watching Teen Mom and Days of Our Lives together. I just want her to be in the know about how things work and how easy it can all go wrong. You might call it bad parenting, but I call it "being prepared".

    P.S For all other reading's called sarcasm!