Sawyer Austin

Friday, April 1, 2011

April and Autism

This is a special month for us having a child with autism. Xavier has opened my eyes to show much about loving life and having a great time no matter what! This is a little boy that for hours can watch a fan like it's his job and ya know what I wouldn't want it any other way! It use to bother me and I would always worry about what others thought or say. NO MORE.....In fact we often take him to Lowe's so he can see all the fans go at the same time. He's no different than your children:

he loves

he smiles

he plays

he cries

he has feelings

so I just wanted to say that if you know nothing about Autism I challenge you to find somethings out about it. 1 out of 70 children have Autism.  Oh and if your not wearing Blue go change your shirt!

Just a sweet boy!

My mom says that Xavier is her soul mate! (i think she's right) They have this great connection, he used to call her mom......

Pap's Boy all the way!

I told you he plays with toys!

He really does melt every one's heart:)

He's a good cuddle buddy!

Words can't even begin to say how blessed we all are to have Xavier in our lives!


  1. My fave post yet! I have a little tear in my eyes. Missing my Bucci boy!!

  2. So proud of you and of everything you have accomplished! I have loved watching how you have grown so much as a wonderful Mom and will continue to strive to be the best that you can be for your children! You are one brave "chica" in my eyes! Love you and miss you terribly! Brynn just sent smooches! xoxo