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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Husband vs. Wife

I know no marriage is perfect and it's something that always has to be worked on. (well That's I how feel anyway) Everyday when Michael gets home from work I always ask him how his day was. And everyday I get to listen to yet another Army story. I get so tired of hearing those stories BUT I love my husband so I want to know. Do you think he asks me about my day???? Heck no! It gets me mad but I hate getting into fights (which we hardly do) so I just brush it off and think maybe he'll ask me another day. I think too we are still trying to settle in again with living with each other. Being apart as much as we have it kinda puts a strain on our marriage when we do get back together. But it's nothing we can't handle.

So yesterday we had to take Xavier to his eye exam. It was crazy early and I had to get two kids up and dressed, pack a bag, take the dogs out and get myself ready. So any who we're on the road and Michael asked me if I grabbed the paper work for the eye exam. REALLY guy???? Then got pissed when i told him I didn't get it. Why is it that I have to do everything??? I'm sure if I would he'd want me to wipe his a** for him too. Men I just don't get them sometimes! It doesn't take much it's just the little things people! Like pick up your own dirty crusty Army Pt's and wash them yourself.

Make no mistake we love each other more than anything and our sweet kids. It's just we have our moments just like any other marriage.  I would follow my husband anywhere (which I have), I would love more than anything to be able to go home more but this is our life. I guess I've just grew up alot being an Army wife.

Ups and downs (and believe me when I say we have had our share) we love each other and will continue to grow and have a beautiful marriage.

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