Sawyer Austin

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Missing Home

We had such an awesome Christmas this year!!! Best gift by far was having my husband home for it:) The kids got so much stuff, here it is the 26th and we still have toys in the box cause there are too many! I think my husband enjoys playing with the toys as much as the kids do! He's still very much a kid at heart. With that being said, man it's so hard being away from family for Christmas. We have an aunt and uncle that live in the area, so we got to spend Christmas Eve with them. It's been great having them close by to have some sort of family around. All I kept thinking of was wow wish my parents were here to see the kids open up gifts or having Christmas dinner with all of them. But instead I get to see pictures of my brothers' beautiful kids open gifts. Not the same but I'll take what I can get. Not to mention how hard it is to see my parents through pictures and having fun without us.

There is no in between either. Last Christmas I was.....well the b word! Just wasn't a happy person without Michael home. This year wasn't that bad but still there seems to be no in between. WHY???? I knew getting married to an Army man that this came along with it. It just sucks....blah I feel like I can't talk to Michael about it either, it doesn't bother him. He's been away for so long now that it's no big deal. Well I'm a lot closer to my family I guess. My mom and sister in law's are my best friends and I'm a huge daddys' girl. So I'm sure that's why it's easier for him to be away. Who knows. Any who, I hope everyone had a blessed holiday! Now bring on Spring please or Summer would be nice.