Sawyer Austin

Saturday, December 18, 2010


What a year it's been! My husband deployed last Aug 09 and just returned Aug 10. So he missed the holidays...weird! That seems to be the story of our live. I'm so thankful for him to be home for this holiday. Not that last year wasn't good, cause it was. I went home to PA to live the whole yr while he was gone. My family tried and did their best to get me through it, but some days it didn't matter what we did or what they said to me. NOTHING matter cause Michael wasn't there. He always joked saying our kids are going to start thinking he's "uncle Mike"......not so funny for me. So I did it, I made it through the holiday (well as best I could). How can you be happy when there is a huge part of you missing??? You can't, I couldn't. My poor kids, not proud of it but some days I would do nothing and I mean nothing. Sometimes they would even eat dinner in the bathtub. What??? Don't judge me, it was a hard time. But I'm so thankful that's it's over and he's here this year. My worst fear is he's gonna deploy again:( wow not sure if I could make it through another one. It's sad when you think a 12 month deployment is short. He's had some Loooooong ones. Thought  I was gonna die...but as you can see I made it through. So thank you to my wonderful and strong husband for being my rock and getting me through some of the hardest times. I heart you Michael V:) (i know cheesy) too bad

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