Sawyer Austin

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Eye Exam Day

My poor Xavier had his dreadful eye exam today. We had to put drops in before he went to bed, the middle of the night and right before the exam. Bless his heart though he did awesome!!! His eyes weren't as bad as the other doctor thought, which means his glasses were too strong. No wonder he never wanted to wear them. Off the Wal-Mart sometime this week for new glasses.....yay it's only like his 5th pair. Glad this visit is over BUT next week he goes in to have casts put on both legs:(  He's such a strong little boy. I'm so proud of him!!

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  1. I'm very proud of Xavier too! Glad to hear taht all though it was a difficult day or so, that all is well, and infact is better than expected. Please give Tink kisses from all of us. Don't forget to tell him how much his Aunt Dani loves him....I'm actually tearing up a bit, I really do miss hime!!