Sawyer Austin

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thoughts for Thrusday

What a week!

*Added scarlet fever to the sick list

* yesterday was the longest day ever!!! Michael didn't get home until the kids were in bed! I hate nights like that.......6pm is usually my breaking point!

* made a gross dinner yesterday;(

*ready for a break.....more like a vacation alone well maybe with someone know who you are!

*my son is too lazy to stand up to pee! I'm tired of cleaning pee off the floor

*watched Boys Don't Cry yesterday for the first time and I think it scared me for life....yuck

*my son spilled coffee on my laptop now it's not working......yay me

* dang black cloud thought I left you in Chambersburg

*managed to get both my legs shaved today!! holla

* sending my little Asian back to school on Friday!!!!! he's tired of being with me and Kota

*got some really cute homemade gifts done yesterday for my sis in laws baby

*it's driving my nuts that they aren't going to find out the sex....who do they think they are??????

* hoping today goes fast

Happy Thursday to everyone


  1. I'm assuming that I'm the lucky lady you wanna vay-cay with! I mean, DUH! And as far as not finding out what we're'll live :) June is only 4 more months away...hahahahahaha

  2. how do you know it's you????? and 4 months is like a lifetime away:(

  3. Oh, it's me, babe! And 4 months will be forever...cause I'm the lard!!!!