Sawyer Austin

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Momma said there would be days like this

And momma didn't lie!!!!

Wow so you ready to hear how my morning started???? So I was just trying to be a nice pet owner and take my two dogs along for the ride to drop Xavier off to school when it happened................OK so both kids are buckled in the car seats and as I was closing the door  I heard the dreadful sound. My fat lard of a dog Trigger pushed the lock button down. Are you freaking kidding me???? REALLY? Mind you the car was running and the heat was full blast with the radio on high. At this point I was already freaking out. My husband is on CQ duty so not much help he was. My husband: "Cole I don't know what you want me to do", then I say "Mike it's all your fault, your the one in the stupid Army. I don't know about you but when things go to poo around here it's ALWAYS the Army's fault. Don't judge, ah who cares judge if you must.

Any who, so I call my mom so she can calm me down. It took me almost 6 different places to finally get some help. This big butch lady with her camo comes rolling up takes 20 minutes to get to my house and 1 second to unlock the door and she charges me 53.95. Thank you lady have a nice day! My poor kids looked like cherry red tomatoes. Xavier was half naked, Kota was crying, Trigger was barking and Scout was eating my junk mail. Nice huh?!

I'm just trying to live and get through day by day, sometimes hour by hour. I do not need this extra crap to happen. Go Army er something............word

So to sum my day up this is what it looked like....please see pic


  1. I am picking myself up off the floor laughing after reading this. Not literally but almost. Thanks for sharing your now funny story!!!

  2. Glad my horror story of a life made you laugh! HA HA

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  4. I'm pretty sure it's goona be awhile before this one gets any laughs from me.

  5. Best post EVER! Sorry, I can't help but laugh...It's not AT you, I'm laughing with you, right?! You'll laugh about it some day. Love you long time!!!