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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Homesick x100

Most days are great and for the most part I haven't really felt homesick until today:( I was taking a short cat nap and missed a phone call my one brother. Can I just tell you how much both my brother's absolutely melt my heart. We all three are very close in age. Jeremy is 31, Jay is 30 and I'm 28. I have this message on my cell phone from my oldest brother when Sekota was born just saying how much he loves me and a big congrats! My son just turned 3 and I still have the message saved on my phone. Can't seem to erase it. So Jay left me a message today that I will do the same. It was just a simple message but just hearing his voice brought me to tears. I feel bad for those out there that don't share in those same feelings for their brothers/sisters. Sure we have had our ups and downs, I hate you and what the heck are you dating him/her for! I was that little sister that would hang up when girls called my house, and if you know my brothers that was an everyday thing.

It's the little things. I miss everything from home today.

I miss hearing my dad's loud truck pulling in the driveway

I miss my mom's awesome foot rubs

I miss the tree in the front yard

i miss my wonderful sister in laws

i miss Reese, Logan and Brooke

i miss getting blamed for EVERYTHING

i miss it all on Hillendale

the list could go on forever

but this is my life here now and it's a great one! Just feeling homesick today:(

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  1. We miss you ALL too! I do miss you getting blamed for it all. Great times :)