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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Thoughts for Thursday

What a busy couple of days! So glad it's almost the weekend, which brings me to my thoughts for Thursday. Here we go.

not happy at the fact that our landlord is coming today to do a walk through, not that my house is dirty but 1-it's close to dinner time when they come and it was very short notice when we found blah for that

my son decided to wake up from 3-7 this morning! yep good stuff, needless to say I had to keep him home from school, maybe that was his plan

my hands are so dry from washing them so much, I can't stand it (I'm a germ freak but getting better)

thinking about going to the movies this weekend by myself!! Can I just say how much that excites me.

so I totally ordered those pj jeans that you see on TV! listen I don't dress up....well sometimes I stay in my pj's so I thought they would be I said before it's the small things.

I made the best apple muffins the other day! wow I'm loving this baking thing :)

that's all for now

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