Sawyer Austin

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

To work or not to work???

I've been throwing around the idea of going back to work (weekends only) these past few weeks. Not that we need money, I guess it's just a way of me getting out and doing my own thing. Sometimes I feel like I get lost in everyone else that I have nothing for myself. If that makes sense......My husband says he's in it to win it (meaning he'll handle the kids when I'm gone) with the kids. Yeah......that's another thing that makes me a little nervous. I do everything for them, so not  sure how the hubby will handle it! I just feel like it's time for me to do something on my own. Is that selfish???? Should I wait til Sekota is in school then start working???  So many decisions. I wanna be in high school again, where my biggest worries were will I have a zit for picture day, will I have my period in gym class (man I always had it for gym glass full on), or my favorite and you know this happened to you, when you had to do a #2 at school and would try to hold it all day til you got home cause there was NO way you would poo in school! Wow good time kids:) Lots to think about.

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