Sawyer Austin

Friday, January 21, 2011

It's a Crosswalk People!

So I took my youngest to Wal-Mart tonight for his birthday, yes I know what 3 yr old wants to spend his birthday at Wal-mart....mine that's who! Any who, I park the car like 5 miles away and we come up on the crosswalk when this car out of the blue just keeps on going FAST. I stopped thinking OK this fool isn't going to see us and so I just stood there waiting............he had the balls to honk at me and my baby who only wants to get his hula hoop for his birthday! I was pissed at this point. back in the day I so would have gave him the bird or said something but I've grown up since then and instead walked very slowly and pissed him off. HA HA HA guy! My sweet little Sekota (after we got to the door) looked back and yelled THANK YOU. It was a priceless moment. Good times great oldies.


  1. Your better than me babe! I wouldv'e given him a look that would have killed and then asked him outloud "wanna rumble with me, prick?!" I know, I would have been ashamed of myself afterwards. Sekota has a great role model for a mommy, unlike his aunt Dan-Dan sometimes :)

  2. I know you, you would have got in the car with them and gave them the 1-2-3! ha ha