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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Pissed off Army wife

This post is gonna be nothing but complaining on how much I dislike the Army. BEWARE.........

So my husband has to go to school for basically 2 months and yeah I'm kinda pissed off. I'm not pissed that he has to go but am pissed at the timing. We were told that he wouldn't be doing his school for awhile. SURPRISE.....weird huh, I just love how the Army pulls the BS with us. This is where that feeling like we're puppets (dead ones at that) on a string comes into play. Yes I know that I'm lucky that he's home and we have him but we've done the deployments, really I've been there and done that and have a t-shirt. I'm not that Army wife that loves the military, in fact I hate it. Don't get me wrong I'm very proud of Michael and all he's done for us but REALLY I'm over the BS. And as far as the Army taking care of families ha ha ha ha, I guess that's just our crap luck cause we seem to always get screwed over in some way or other.

So now we have to put looking/buying a house on hold along with Michael missing out on some special days with us. Yeah go Army........Sometimes, well everyday I daydream of Michael having a "normal" 9-5 job and knowing he's always gonna be around. Wishful thinking I guess. So on that note I'm considering packing up my kids and dogs and going back home until he's done. I know alot of other military wives would never do that but can I just say how hard it is to handle my son with whom has autism and  my crazy full of energy 3 yr old. Yeah not for me kids. I have no problems saying that. Just hoping that nothing else comes up to piss me off even more.

Pissed Off Army Wife


  1. Take a deep breath!........Exhale!

    I'm sorry: ( Sometimes the Army really does suck! I can totally agree with you on that! It sucks having to put some really important things on hold! I don't think that you should move back home for two months! This is why you have Army girlfriends! We get you through these crappy hard times! Plus, WA is really beautiful in the spring: )

    Just keep thinking of all the great things the Army has blessed you with! Plus, a normal 9-5 job wouldn't be nearly as exciting as being thrown around along with the Army! Think of all the wonderful people and experiences you've been given! The fact that your husband has a job and can support you and both of your beautiful boys (not too many people have that luxury at the moment)! And think about how exciting it is welcoming your soldier home after a leave of absence; )