Sawyer Austin

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Nothing Like Your First

I was watching a lovie dovie movie last night (Dear John for the 100th time) and just watching it made me miss all the firsts you have when you start to date! All the silly questions that get asked like: whats your favorite color, food, middle name, how many kids you want, holding hands, and waiting for the first kiss!! The butterflies you got when they call you and THE FIRST KISS!!!!!! I will say that being an Army wife I still very much have some of those feelings. When Mike gets back from deployment I always get a ton of butterflies, even when I would hear his voice on the phone for 5 minutes! Wow to go back and experience all those firsts with my husband I would do in a heartbeat. Now when we see couples in public who clearly can't keep their hands off each other we say yep their not married cause married people don't act like that!!! Anyone else miss starting out and dating, just experiencing all the great firsts??? The good old days!!!

Now the questions I get asked are hey honey can you pop this crater on my back! Really Mike???? Or sitting down after the kids go to bed and laugh at each others farts!!! Be jealous!! HA HA