Sawyer Austin

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My how times have changed

I was just thinking wow have times changed since I was little. T.V. has changed so much from when I was little and watched it. I grew up watching Alf, Fresh Prince, Full House, Roseanne, Family Matters, My Two Dads just to name a few. Now a days (which FYI-I don't watch much and if I do it's not what they play now) it's T.V. shows about same sex couples, alot of violence, and shows making fun of other people. Just to clear this up no I don't agree with same sex couples but I don't think bad of them, it's not my job to judge them. Oh and wth I can't even watch commercials without it being something sexual. I feel like I have to change channels quick or cover my kids eyes when they show those Victoria secret ones. I mean it's just gross. Maybe I'm just getting old who knows but it seems to be a lot of junk on T.V. Just curious what anyone else thinks??? Do you like the shows that are on right now or not as much as you did when you were growing up??

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